Effective processes

» Motor Renovator NanoVit®

Two phases may be distinguished in processing: In the first stage, a thorough clean-up of the microtopography of damaged microparticles of the wear process, combustion residues and other contaminations is carried out. There is a direct synthesis of the multilayered coating on the entire friction surface. By the so generated coating the friction surface of the particularly loaded friction zones is enlarged. As a consequence, the coating spreads to all rotating surfaces.

Depending on size and contact force, the surface of the rotating surfaces is renewed. During formation of the multilayered coating the temperature in the friction zones drops and the formation of the coating is delayed to complete standstill. This gives rise to a self-regulating process during the build up of the protective layer.

» Transmission Renovator NanoVit®

The NanoVit® Transmission Renovator ensures long-term wear protection for all transmission types, including differentials and bearings. The specially matched additives ensure, on the surface of the rotating transmission components, a strongly adhesive and elastic antifriction coating with long-lasting bearing effect. This coating forms an organometallic compound with the friction-stressed metal surfaces in the transmission, thereby reducing wear and friction and significantly prolonging the life of the transmission. NanoVit® has no influence on the formulations or recipes of lubricants and forms no rigid film layers.

NanoVit® Transmission Renovator is a lasting anti-abrasion layer
- self-regulating under pressure
- stable and permanently adhesive
- flexible, elastic
- with a low friction coefficient
- in nano-amorphous form

NanoVit® is usable in all drive units, where wear and friction is undesirable.